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Bill Pay App
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Just Set-it and Forget-it 🙌


How does this work?

Connect your utility accounts with us just once

All you need is your username and password for your online account with your utility service provider.

We pay your bills every month. Just set-it and forget-it.

Get an interest-free credit line to cover all your monthly bills. No more missed payments or late fees.

Pay us back in two equal installments

Plan for your payments ahead of time. Make two simple to understand, and predictable payments every month.

Always there for you, but without the jargon

My gas bill needs to be paid through a pdf, can you guys help?
Yes, of course! Just email us the pdf, and we will ensure your bills are paid on-time.
Great, thanks!
No problem. You can automate any bills with us. Even the ones that are a pain. 😀

Check if you qualify

Apply for an interest-free credit line to cover essential bills with no impact to your credit score.